Please enter your voucher below to activate Hive Leak Alerts. If you already have a Leak Sensor, your voucher code can be found under the scratch panel on the insert included in your packaging[1]. Alternatively, to order a Leak Sensor you will have received a voucher code in your Welcome email.

For extra peace of mind

The Hive Leak Sensor monitors the flow of water in your home or business to make sure everything is as it should be. If it spots a potential problem it then sends a notification to your smartphone[3]. It might be a tap left running, but if it’s more serious – like a hidden burst pipe – the Hive app can help you find out so you're able to get it sorted quickly.

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Easy to install

Simply clip your Hive Leak Sensor onto the outside of the pipework, next to your stop tap. Our customers say it's super quick to set up, it usually takes just a few minutes. No plumbing know-how is needed. The battery lasts for two years and the sensor connects directly to your Wi-Fi.

Leak alert card 1

In the know quickly

Your sensor can also tell you if there’s an unusual amount of water flowing around your home or business. It might be a tap left running, but if it’s something more serious the Hive app can help you find out so you can get it sorted quickly.

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Found something? We'll help you get it sorted

You can diagnose problems in the award-winning Hive app and be connected to an expert plumber if you need one.

[1] If you do not have a voucher code, or the code has been tampered with, please return your Hive Leak Sensor in its original packaging to the retailer or company from which you bought the product.
Please see our privacy policy for details of how we use your data.
[3] You’ll need to make sure your Hive Leak Sensor is correctly installed and maintained for it to work and that you have mobile coverage to get notifications. Exclusions apply, see our Terms and Conditions.
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