Hive Leak Plan - Leak Detection

Help stop little leaks becoming big problems.

Keep your home safe from water damage

Our Hive Leak Plan includes a Hive Leak Sensor that can spot if there’s an unusual amount of water flowing around your home which could be a leak. It then sends a notification to your phone and can even help you find a plumber.

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Spot small drips

The Hive app can then help you diagnose if it’s a potential leak or just a tap the kids forgot to turn off.

Catch bigger leaks

Your sensor tells you if there seems to be too much water flowing around your home. It might be a tap left running, but if it’s more serious like a burst pipe you’ll know.

We'll help you find a plumber

Your Hive app can connect you to an expert plumber if you need one. So you can get the problem sorted quickly, whether it’s a potential leak or that dripping garden tap that freezes every year.

Easy to install

Simply clip your Hive Leak Sensor to the main water pipe. Don't worry: no plumbing know-how is needed and the Hive app will guide you all the way.

Avoid wasting water

Can you believe a dripping tap can get through 3 litres an hour? That’s 26,000 litres of water a year. Your Hive Leak Sensor could help you avoid wasting water too.

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