Hive Heating Plus

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12-months free, exclusively for Hive customers[1]

3-months free, exclusively for Hive customers

Then £3.99 per month, free cancellation at any time
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There’s a lot to like about Hive Heating Plus. It helps you reduce bills, lower your carbon footprint and monitor your heating efficiency all from the Hive app.

  • Get access to our exclusive Hive Saver tariff if you pay for your energy via Direct Debit

  • Save up to £26 a month over cold months⁽³⁾

  • Track your usage with daily, weekly and monthly insights

  • Relax with 24/7 heating efficiency monitoring and alerts if anything goes wrong

  • Enjoy an extended warranty on your Hive products⁽⁴⁾ and 10% off across the Hive website

Good to know: you can use Hive Heating Plus if you have a Hive Thermostat or Hive Thermostat Mini, and a Hive Hub (2nd Generation) or Hive Hub 360.

Do you own a Hive Thermostat or Hive Thermostat Mini?
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A smart way to save even more

With our award-winning Hive thermostats, you could save up to £311 per year⁽²⁾. Combine it with Hive Heating Plus and your savings could go up by an extra £26 a month during the colder months⁽³⁾.

Hive Thermostat sitting on a white unit next to a large concrete plant pot and a smaller ceramic plant pot with a leafy green plant inside it

Save the pennies and watch the pounds add up

Making a few small changes to your heating habits can add up to real savings. Schedule Assist will offer suggestions – like shortening your evening schedule – then it’ll show how much you could save in actual pounds and pence. Sit back and let Schedule Assist do the hard work for you.

Not currently available for Hive Radiator Valve users

Superimposed composite image of smartphone showing Schedule Assist on the Hive app with Hive Heating Plus to the left and a close-up view of savings and app options on the right with a green plant and white wall photo in the background

See how you’re helping the planet

Saving energy helps the planet as well as your pocket. Our Carbon Calculator shows your carbon savings in simple, tangible terms like trees and car journeys. You can also see how the carbon savings of the entire Heating Plus community add up to make a big difference.

Not currently available for Hive Radiator Valve users

Superimposed composite image of smartphone showing the Carbon Calculator on the Hive app with a close-up view of savings and app options on the right

Set your target and start saving

Our Hive Heating Plus service will show how much you’re likely to spend on heating based on your past usage, heating efficiency, energy tariff and weather forecast. Tell us how much you’d like to save and we’ll help you set up a monthly budget.

Image of Hive Heating Plus settings in the background, and saving targets in the middle for user to scroll how much they like to save.

Stay in control of your spending

Get weekly, monthly and yearly overviews of your usage with updates on how you’re tracking against your budget. Plus, personalised tips on how you can stay within it.

Side angle of smartphone showing Hive app with a pop-out screen to the right of the image showing the heating history function

Extended warranty, and 10% off Hive products and home repairs

Save 10% on Hive products and all your Hive devices are covered for as long as you're subscribed to Hive Heating Plus.

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Summary of features

Unlock all the heating features from your app with Hive Heating Plus

Hive Heating Plus

Hive Thermostat Only

Temperature Control icon-tick icon-tick
Schedules icon-tick icon-tick
Frost Protection icon-tick icon-tick
Voice Control icon-tick icon-tick
Boost icon-tick icon-tick
Geolocation icon-tick icon-tick
Heating History: Day View icon-tick icon-tick
Heating History: Week/Year View icon-tick icon-close
Heating History: Cost/Integrated Weather icon-tick icon-close
Personalised Budgets & Status Tracker icon-tick icon-close
Savings Tracker icon-tick icon-close
Energy Saving Tips icon-tick icon-close
Heating Efficiency Alerts icon-tick icon-close
Extended Warranty icon-tick icon-close
10% Hive Discount (w/ Free Delivery) icon-tick icon-close
SMS notifications icon-tick icon-close
Smartphone lying down showing heating information on the Hive app, on a white background Smartphone lying down showing heating information on the Hive app, on a white background

The Hive App

The Hive app allows you to control our smart devices from wherever you are, so it's easy to get everything just right.


Frequently asked questions
Will this work with my type of boiler?

Heating Cost Tracker uses gas smart meter data, which requires you to have a gas boiler. We plan to extend support to cover all boilers compatible with Hive Active Heating over time. Heating Efficiency Alerts works with any type of heating system.

Will Hive Heating Plus work with my thermostat and hub?

Hive Heating Plus works with the following thermostats and hubs:

  • Hive Thermostat Mini (Model: SLT6)

  • Hive Thermostat (Model: SLT3c)

  • Hive Active Heating 2 Wireless Thermostat (Model: SLT3 / SLT3b)

  • Hive Hub 2nd Generation

  • Hive Hub 360

Hive Heating Plus will not work with:

  • Hive Active Heating 2 Wired Thermostat (Model: SLT5)

  • Hive 1 Thermostat (Model: SLT2)

  • Smart Linked Thermostat (Model: SLT1)

  • Hive Hub 1st Generation

> Check which Hive thermostat and hub you have

Will this work in my multizone setup with Hive Radiator Valves?

Heating Cost Tracker, Heating History and Schedule Assist features don’t support Hive Radiator Valves at this time but it's something we’re looking at in the future. Please send us an email to if this would be of interest.

Heating Efficiency Alerts will work in your home if you have Hive Radiator Valves.

What data do I need to provide and why?

We need to access your energy data in order to understand your energy usage and current tariff. This allows us to present your heating usage in pounds and pence and is customised to you personally. We also access your smart meter data in order to calibrate your spending forecast against your actual usage.

We use your address information to get localised weather forecasts for your home, to provide spending estimates based on your heating schedule and outside temperature.

At some point during your subscription, we may also ask you to tell us a bit about your home, e.g., building type, number of bedrooms, age or other. This information will let us further tailor specific insights and recommendations for your home.

How long does it take to calculate my forecast?

For most homes, we’ll be able to generate a forecast within seconds by linking your British Gas Smart meter account, and by using historical data from our Hive thermostat. If, however, you’re new to Hive and we have no historical data to base your forecast on, we’ll enter a learning period that takes a minimum of 30 days. During this time, we’ll learn how your home heats up and cools down and how the boiler consumes gas for space heating.

We’ll notify you of progress in the Hive app.

What's the difference between Boiler IQ and Hive Heating Plus?

Heating Efficiency Alerts uses your thermostat data to help ensure your home is warming up efficiently. When it recognises your home isn’t heating as efficiently as it normally does, it’ll help you find out why and offer some simple steps to resolve this.

Boiler IQ is a device that continuously monitors your boiler 24/7 and alerts you when your boiler fails to produce heat or hot water.

If you have both Hive Heating Plus and Boiler IQ, we’ll be managing the alerts to make sure you don’t receive duplicate alerts. If that happens, please let us know.

How can I cancel my Hive Heating Plus Subscription?

Please contact us if you want to cancel your Hive Heating Plus subscription.

When you cancel, you’ll not be charged from the start of the next period you have subscribed for (i.e., the start of the next month if you subscribe monthly. Or the start of the next 12 months if you have an annual subscription).

We can’t provide refunds for the period you have already been charged for.

[1] Offer available to new Hive Heating Plus customers only. Offer cannot be used on pre-existing orders or in conjunction with any other offer. If selected, monthly subscription will auto-renew at month 4. Terms apply - see
[2] Savings based on top 10% of Hive customers based on current Energy Price Guarantee rates for gas (10.3p per kWh). Actual savings will vary depending on individual circumstances.
[3] Over half of users who set a savings target, saved an average of £26 per month, between Oct 2020 and May 2022 excluding June, July and August 2021. Savings achieved could be higher or lower depending on the weather, previous energy usage, energy tariff, home and heating system properties and home heating habits.
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