Hive Video Playback

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Take a closer look at what’s been caught on camera over the last 30 days. Get ongoing warranty on your Hive cameras and 10% off all future product purchases.

  • 30 days of secure storage

  • Download and share

  • 10% discount on all Hive products

  • Free delivery on all orders

  • Cancel anytime

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Best value £59  per year
£9.98  per month
Best value £99  per year
£9.99  per month

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Frequently asked questions
What benefits are included with Hive Video Playback?

Hive Video Playback is a subscription service that gives you the following benefits:

  • 30 days of secure footage

  • Download and share

  • 10% discount on all Hive products

  • Free delivery on all orders

What happens if I decide to cancel my Hive Video Playback?

You can cancel your Hive Video Playback at any time. However this means you will no longer be able to access 30 days of camera history or enjoy the other benefits.

A few things to remember:

  • If you cancel your subscription at least 10 calendar days before your next payment is due to go out, you will not be charged for the next month

  • If you cancel in the last 10 days of the billing period, your Hive Video Playback membership will end the month after

  • There are no other cancellation fees

What happens if I miss a payment for my Hive Video Playback?

If you miss a payment don't worry, just call us on 0333 202 9614 (it’s free from mobiles). You can find our latest opening hours here.

If you have a Hive Video Playback membership and you miss a payment, your discount and feature benefits will no longer be available to you. Additionally, if your product breaks while a payment is outstanding, it will not be covered by the ongoing warranty.

If you have a Hive Payment Plan, you may have an outstanding balance if you haven't made all 12 of your monthly payments. Please try to pay this as soon as possible.

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