Hive can help you do your bit for the planet

Corner of a kitchen with an electric coffee pot, blue mug, orange mug, white mug and plant in a clear glass pot on the the kitchen counter with a Hive Smart Plug plugged into the wall socket

At Hive we love helping our customers create greener, more sustainable homes. From the smallest things like popping a few smart plugs around the house, to bigger changes like electric vehicles and switching to EV charging. All our smart gadgets are designed to help save energy and save you a few pounds too.

Hive five for planet-friendliness

We all want to do our bit for the environment, but sometimes it can be hard to know where to start. So, we’ve put together our top five Hive ways to be greener.

1. Smart light bulbs – a bright idea

Hive Smart Lights are the easiest energy savers in town. Simply swap your old bulbs for smart ones and then you can easily control them from your Hive app which means less energy waste. Popped out for lunch and forgotten to switch the lights off? No problem just do the switching off from your Hive app in a couple of taps. Or if you’re just too cosy to leave the sofa use your voice to turn them off, on, up or down.

2. Smart sensors make sense

Hive Smart Sensors are nifty little gadgets that you strategically place around hallways entrances and doorways to transform your home into a super responsive smart space. Using your Hive app, you can set up ‘Actions’ to turn lights on automatically when you open the door or walk into the room, and turn off when you leave, so you only use electricity when you need to.

3. Hive Thermostat

Our Hive Thermostat works seamlessly with your existing heating system. It’s all about lowering your carbon footprint by making sure you never needlessly heat your home. Gone out for the day and forgotten to turn the heating off? No problem, you can turn it off from anywhere using your phone. You can set schedules to suit you, so your home is warm when you wake up, and turns off when you don’t need it. So, you’ll be doing your bit for the planet.

Hive Thermostats can now be combined with our Hive Heating Plus service, which cleverly monitors your heating efficiency 24/7 to help you save an extra money in the winter months and lower your carbon footprint even more.

4. Plugging our energy-saving smart plugs

The Energy Savings Trust reckon the average household spends between £50 and £86 every year on electricity for devices in stand-by mode. Smart plugs are such a small change but can make a huge difference. They help to reduce energy waste and lower your carbon footprint, plus you get to keep more of that money in your pocket.

Take your TV for example – the less thrifty teenagers of the house are in the habit of turning the TV ‘off’ with the remote, but you can double-check it’s ‘off-off’ from your smartphone or tablet.

And let’s face it, we’re all guilty of forgetting to turn things off, not just TVs but lamps, laptops and speakers. Smart plugs can help turn your devices from electricity guzzlers to earth-friendly energy saving gadgets because you can easily manage them all from one handy Hive app.

5. Hive EV Charging – smarter, greener, cheaper

If you’ve switched to a green machine aka electric vehicle, you’re already one of life’s eco-heroes and with Hive EV Charging, you could be saving your pounds as well as the planet.

Did you know that charging during peak hours can put pressure on the power grid? We can schedule your EV charger to charge overnight, which helps the grid evenly distribute energy and gives you a higher chance of getting your energy from renewable sources. Hive EV Charging syncs with your energy tariff so when your green machine is plugged in at home, it automatically charges when the rate is at its lowest. So together, we can balance the power grid and help to build a greener future.

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