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Hive View Outdoor installation hints and tips

Installing your Hive View Outdoor

We want you to get the most from your Hive View Outdoor. Here are some tips to help you find the perfect spot to position and install it.

Like all our Hive products, Hive View Outdoor is pretty simple to set up.  However, if you decide you’d like a helping hand, head to to arrange professional installation and check availability in your area.

How to make the most of: Person detection

Hive View Outdoor automatically starts recording if it detects motion or sound. But switch on people detection and it will only record if it picks up a person.  Here’s how to get person detection working for you:
  • Height: Make sure your camera is just above head height, between 2-2.7m (or 7-9 feet) from the ground.
  • Angle: Your Camera should not be too steeply titled downwards - around 30 degrees (see image 1 below). Anymore than 40 degrees and your camera might not be able to see a persons face, especially if they're wearing a hat or hoodie. Ideally when setting up the camera, test the live stream with someone in the detection area and check you can see their face (not just the top of their head and shoulders)
  • Range: For person detection, the range of the camera is 12m/40 feet during the day and 4.5m/15 feet at night. If you want to monitor an area further away than 12 metres, the best thing to do is set your camera to motion detection rather than person detection.
  • Testing: When your camera is set up, walk past at the maximum range you need. If it doesn’t detect you, try switching motion detection on the settings screen in the app.

Quick Tip: For porches and entrances use full motion detection. 

Person detection is ideal if you want to detect people from other movements. But if your camera is tilted down and monitoring a small area like your entrance or porch, you might not need it. Instead, set your camera to motion detection to make sure it captures everything.

Keep your camera in the shade. 

Hive View Outdoor is weatherproof and designed to work between -20 to 45C (-4 to 113 F). Just make sure it’s well ventilated and not positioned in direct sunlight. This avoids overheating, and your camera being triggered by a sudden change in brightness like the sun going behind a cloud.

How to make the most of: Night vision

Your Hive View Outdoor will switch to night vision automatically when it gets dark, so you can see what’s happening at any time.
  • Range: With night vision you get best results if you’re monitoring an area within 4.5m/15ft of the camera.
  • Exposure: If possible, position your camera away from porch lights, street lights and car beams, as these can impact the night vision.
  • Reflections: When you’ve chosen your camera’s position, wait until dark and take a look at the livestream on you app – make sure there’s no light reflecting from the wall onto the lens (see images below).

How to make the most of: Wide angle lens

Hive View Outdoor has a 130° field of view, helping you keep an eye on wide areas.  Here are two tips to make sure this wide field of view is maximised:
  • Position: Because of the nature of wide angle lenses, objects at the edge of the frame may appear slightly tilted. To reduce the impact of this, check the camera is positioned horizontally level (it can still be angled down vertically) with the area you would like to monitor preferably in the centre of the frame. If the area of interest cannot be positioned in the centre of the frame then please ensure that the camera is adjusted so that objects in that area are straight and not tilted.
  • Testing: A great way of making sure that your camera is level is to open the livestream in your Hive app and checking that objects in the area you would like to monitor are straight not tilted (see images below).

Quick Tip: If your camera is set to full motion detection, try to avoid your camera facing trees or anything else that will move with a breeze – as on windy days this may trigger a notification!

Enjoy your Hive View Outdoor

We hope these tips will help you get the most from your Hive View Outdoor camera!

Of course, Hive View Outdoor uses sophisticated video and audio monitoring algorithms to trigger its detection of people, motion or sounds. These algorithms are very good, but even with the camera positioned perfectly using the tips above, they aren’t perfect. So we can’t guarantee they’ll always detect a trigger event, and we can’t promise they’ll never mistake something else for a person.

Finally, installation and use of Hive View Outdoor is subject to our Terms and Conditions

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