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How do I fit my Hive View?

You can attach your camera to a metal surface using the magnet in the bottom of the base or mount it to another surface using the screws and base plate provided. Or you can place the camera on a table or shelf. When choosing a location:

• Find a place that has a good view of the area you want to monitor. 
• Make sure the camera isn't placed too closely to any objects/surfaces that could reflect the infrared light as this could affect night vision picture quality.
• Make sure it’s near enough to a power socket and your broadband router to stay connected to Wi-Fi. 
• Your camera can detect activity up to 7m (23 ft) away (5m (16 ft) when using nightvision) and has a 130° wide angle field of view. 
• Please be respectful in terms of where you place cameras, and consider your neighbours’ privacy. 
• For optimum performance, do not choose a position that requires the camera to be tilted off centre by more than 45° up or down.

To fit your Hive View, follow the below steps. Remember that fitting screws will leave permanent changes to your wall.

• Check the livestream and Wi-Fi signal in the app before fixing it in place. The Wi-Fi signal can be found under Settings. This is to ensure you have the desired field of view and Wi-Fi signal strength.
• If the live stream appears upside down, you can rotate the camera’s view 180° in the app under Settings.
• Take the base plate from the box and use it to mark out where the screws will need to go on the surface where you are mounting it.
• Drill holes where you have marked and insert the wall plugs (anchors) from the box into the holes.
• Take the screws from the box and screw in the base plate, taking note of which way the recess for the power cable is facing.
• Attach the camera to the base plate. The magnet in the bottom of the base will secure it in place.

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