Welcome Home Plan

Like your lights to turn on when you walk through the door? You'll love our Welcome Home Plan.

Includes the following products

You save £57 on this pack compared to RRP

Hive Hub

Securely connects all of your Hive products so you can control them from your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Transform your house into a smart one overnight

With our Welcome Home Plan you get 2 Hive Active Light bulbs, a Hive Motion Sensor, a Hive Plug and a Hive Hub. A great start to your smart home.

Remote control

Look after the lighting and appliances all around your house, all from your smartphone.

Set up with ease

You can install and set up all products yourself, without the need for professional installation.

Set smart schedules

Personalise the lighting and applicances in every room and set schedules so things turn on and off automatically.

Keep the holiday going

Coming home from holiday doesn’t have to be a chore: set your lights and kettle to come on before you reach your front door.

Check in, check home, chill out

When you’re away, your Hive Motion Sensor lets you know everything’s okay back home. If anyone or anything is moving about unexpectedly you get an alert. No alert? No need to worry.

Add the magic with Hive Actions

Every Hive product is smart, but with Hive Actions you can get all your products working together. That’s when your smart home really starts making a difference.

Watch Video

Manage your home with your voice

If you’re rushing out in the morning, ask Alexa or Google Assistant to turn the lights and TV off. A quick way to save time and energy.

Welcome Home Plan

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