Six reasons to buy a smart home thermostat

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Winter never quite turns out how it’s sometimes pictured on the TV. Less snuggling by roaring fires and more getting caught in unexpected downpours. Sadly, here at Hive we can’t remind you to remember your umbrella, but we can help you stay warm with a smart home thermostat. Here are six reasons you really need to get one this winter:

1. Control your heating from anywhere

Coming home to a warm house on a cold winter’s evening is one of life’s simple pleasures. And it doesn’t come much simpler than being able to control your heating with a quick swipe of your phone. The best smart home thermostats integrate with a smart home platform so you can adjust your heating wherever you are. If you’re going to be home earlier than expected you can turn your heating up before you hop on the train, and there’ll be a warm welcome waiting for you.

2. Set smarter schedules

Many traditional heating systems let you set up schedules. But if your plans change and you decide to come home early from work – and want the house warm on arrival – there’s nothing you can do. That’s not the case with a smart home thermostat because you can set and adjust schedules from your phone. So your heating is always on when you need it and off when you don’t.

3. Hands (and hassle) free control

One of the most useful things about a smart home thermostat is the freedom it gives you to control your heating from lots of different devices. For example, you can connect your smart thermostat to Google Home or Amazon Echo. Then when you don’t have your phone on you, or your hands are full of laundry, shopping or children, you can adjust the heating with your voice instead. It’s nice to know there’s somebody at home who listens to you!

4. Let it do the thinking so you don’t have to

Another great way to stay warm is by linking your smart thermostat with other devices in your home by installing something like Hive Actions. Basically this gets your home working seamlessly around you, without you even needing to think about it. For instance, if you’ve linked your smart thermostat to a motion sensor, it will turn the heating up as you open the front door.

5. Get things cosy before you’re home

A good smart home thermostat test if you’re looking to buy one, is to check whether it has a geolocation function. Not all do and it’s a really easy way to stay warm and keep your heating bills down. It works by tracking your location using your phone so it can alert you if you’re on the way home and the heating isn’t on. Similarly, when you leave in the morning it can detect that too and remind you to turn it off.

6. Heat different parts of your home

At Hive, we have a service called Hive Multizone. If you have more than one heating zone in your house (for example a thermostat upstairs and another one downstairs), Multizone means you can control them both through the Hive app. So at night you can keep it warm upstairs and cool downstairs, and vice versa during the day.

Or how about a smart home radiator thermostat?

If you want to heat individual rooms in your home to different temperatures, another way you can do this is by adding a smart radiator thermostat to your radiator so you can control it individually.

If you’re keen to learn more about staying toasty with a smart thermostat homekit, and without spending too much money, check out our full range of smart heating products over on our website.

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