Alexa, boost my Airbnb bookings

Hive Thermostat sitting on a dark wooden unit with Amazon speaker in the background alongside two plant pots and an orange bowl

Voice control adds a fun touch to your Airbnb property, but a lot of the time it will only get used to check the weather or put a timer on for tea. However, set Google Home or Amazon Echo up to work with a few smart home products and it can be a really great way to impress your guests. Here’s what we’re talking about.

Set up some smart lights

It’s easy to sync smart lights with a Google or Alexa home hub. Kids will love being able to turn the lights on and off with their voice, but they’re also really useful for adults too. For instance, it’s brilliant when getting small children ready for bed, as parents can quietly say, “Alexa dim the lights” to turn the landing lights into a nightlight. The other great thing about connecting a smart lighting system with Alexa is that all the lights can be turned off as a group. So you can tell your visitors that all they need to say is, “Alexa, turn off all the lights” when they’re heading out for the day, beach ball in hand. Alternatively, you can use smart plugs to control your existing lights. These slot straight into a socket, just like an adaptor, so are great for things like sitting room lamps. It’s an easy way to make life simpler for your guests and help you get future business from some great reviews.

Link your home hub to the heating

As well as lights, a Google or Alexa smart home is also a great way for your guests to control the heating. You’ll need a smart thermostat which you can connect up to your home automation system in a few simple steps. Once you’re up and running, visitors can use their voice to set, check or adjust the temperature quickly and easily. It means you don’t need to leave out complicated instruction manuals for your guests to get to grips with. They can just get things exactly how they want them, as soon as they arrive.

Use Alexa for a quick Q&A

Rather than leaving out a paper guide for guests to read (and lose), put it all on your Amazon or Google Home device for a fun way of impressing visitors when they first arrive. The Virtual Concierge Service is an Alexa skill designed to give your guests lots of information about your Airbnb rental, as well as the local area and fun things to do. It’s free to use, super easy to set up and is a helpful way for large groups or families to all get useful info like the Wi-Fi password or where the extra bedding is stored, at the same time. Guests can also use an Alexa or Google smart home to answer any specific questions they might have, like where the nearest pharmacy is or a vegan restaurant that’s open on a Tuesday night.

Looking for more inspiration on how to smarten up your Airbnb property? Then check into the products section of the Hive website.

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