Get your hosting mojo back with Hive

Couple setting a dining table with bowls, glasses, candles and flowers with a kitchen in the background and a Hive Thermostat sitting on a black drawer unit to the right hand side

Indoor entertaining is back on, so it’s time to dust off the welcome mat and catch up with friends and loved ones again – in the flesh! Your hosting skills might be a tad rusty, but with a bit of help from Hive you could get your ‘super-host’ powers back again. Whether it’s a dinner party, a BBQ, or a kid’s birthday bash, setting your home up with smart gadgets means it’s easier than ever to look after (and impress) your guests.

Control the vibe with Hive

You’ve got friends round for dinner for the first time in ages, and by the cheese course you’re really letting your hair down. With Hive you can instantly change the mood from jazzy dinner party vibes to upbeat ‘dancing round the table’ vibes. Simply sync your smart speaker with your Hive Smart Lights and you can simultaneously lower the lighting and switch up the playlist with your voice. In the ‘Groups’ section of the Hive app, you can also group your smart bulbs into zones. That way you can ask your smart speaker to turn on all the lights downstairs, or upstairs, or multiple smart spotlights anywhere you want – the mood is in your hands.

Let Hive do the ‘babysitting’ for you

The glasses are clinking away, the conversation is flowing, and you just don’t want the night to end. Time to dispatch the kids upstairs with a bag of popcorn and a tub of ice-cream for movie night. And with the Hive View indoor camera you can keep an eye on the little ones from your phone, and even say a quick hello with two-way audio. If you want to add a bit of magic to their movie night, use colour changing lightbulbs that you can control from your phone - they’ll watch in wonder as the lights transform from one colour to another.

A warm welcome, whatever the weather

The only reliable thing about a British Summer is that it’s unreliable. But worry not, if your BBQ is in danger of being rained off halfway through, you can be one step ahead with Hive. The moment those black clouds start to gather, you can casually turn the heating up on your smart thermostat and pop your indoor smart lights on – all in a few taps from your phone. So, by the time you all come in from the cold, the warm welcoming mood is already set.

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