OK Google, make my smart home control even smarter

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Google Home is Google’s smart speaker that houses Google Assistant, the voice-service that you can talk to. It’s a great addition to your home, but with the ability to do so much it can be tricky to know where to start. Here are the answers to some common questions to help.

What can Google Home control?

If it’s a smart home product then the chances are Google Home can control it: lights, heating, plugs, cameras, smart alarms, you name it. In fact, Google Home can control over 1,000 smart devices. Google Home is also a great way to get lots of smart home devices working together; making your life easier in the process.

OK, so can Google Home control lights?

Absolutely! If you have smart light bulbs it’s easy to sync them with Google Home so you can turn on your lights hands (and hassle) free. You can even program Google Home to turn on multiple lights together. So when you walk through the front door laden with shopping, all you need to say is “OK Google, turn on my lights” for the lights to come on.

Can Google Home control Hive?

Yes! The clever people at Google have made sure it links with lots of great smart devices, including our range here at Hive.

Connecting Google Home with your Hive smart devices gives you the simplicity of Hive without even lifting a finger. You just need to follow a few simple steps on the Google Home app for each individual device then you’re all set. It’s just as easy with products made by other companies too. Once this is done, you can use your voice to adjust your heating, turn off your TV or even get the kettle boiling from your bed.

How else can Google Home help?

Here are some other fun ways to use Google Home to make your smart home even smarter:

“OK Google, tell me my day”

Setting up the ‘voice match’ action makes it really easy to get information relevant to you. Google Assistant can distinguish the voices of up to six different people, meaning it can give you personalised information on your schedule, journey to work and meetings by just asking.

It’s also really handy if you want an added layer of security for things like voice purchases and smart lock controls. For example, it’s a useful way to stop your children ordering anything by accident, or accidentally on purpose.

“Ok Google, clean the sitting room”

Being able to sit on the sofa while a robot vacuum cleans around you isn’t as futuristic as it sounds. First you will need to buy a smart vacuum cleaner (there’s a wide range available from entry-level machines to seriously pricey dust-busters) and set it up as a new action in the Google Home app. It’s not really an out-and-out replacement for an upright vacuum cleaner, but it’s still a fun way to get a rather boring chore done with minimum effort.

“OK Google, let’s make meatballs”

Sadly Google Home can’t prepare your dinner for you but it can make cooking it a lot easier. If you find it tricky to follow recipes or end up covering your phone with food, this could be really helpful. With Google Assistant you can listen to step-by-step instructions while you cook, as well as pausing or repeating bits as you go along – think of it as your secret ingredient.

Of course, a voice command won’t be the best way to manage your home all the time. If you think the temperature in the nursery is a bit cold for your sleeping baby, shouting ‘OK Google’ isn’t going to be the smart solution. In those instances, all smart devices also come with iPhone or Android apps (like our Hive app). Alternatively, you can use the app on a tablet or iPad. These can all be used anywhere in your home but also anywhere in the world, so you can have complete control of your home even when you’re away.

Find out more about how Google Home can make your smart home even smarter, and what else Hive can connect with.

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