The best smart home devices for Airbnb

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From keeping your guests warm to keeping your home safe, making your Airbnb property a smart home is a no brainer. So what’s on offer? And how does a smart home system work? Here’s a guide to elevating Airbnb smart homes.

Give your guests a warm welcome with smart heating

First impressions are so important, and when it’s raining or cold there’s no better feeling than walking into somewhere warm. If you want guests to be comfortable immediately, one of the best smart home devices you could choose is a smart thermostat.

The beauty of a smart thermostat is you can control it from your own smartphone or tablet wherever you are. Turn the heating up before guests arrive and turn it down after they’ve left without ever having to heat an empty home. Then your guests can control the heating themselves from the thermostat on the wall during their stay, just like they would a normal heating system.

What’s more, with a Hive Thermostat, if it picks up any problems with your heating system (maybe it’s not turning on, or it’s not heating up as quickly as it should) you’ll get an alert on your smartphone. You can also use the Hive app to troubleshoot, or find an engineer.

Let smart lights look after your home

If your space is someone’s temporary home, it needs to feel cosy. And if it’s empty between rentals, it needs to look lived in. That’s where smart lighting really comes into its own. The main benefit is that you don’t have to be in the house to make sure everything is bright and welcoming when your guests arrive – particularly useful if you’re not sure when they’re going to turn up. That’s because smart lighting like our Hive light bulbs can all be controlled on your smartphone or tablet from wherever you are.

A Hive smart plug is another useful smart device for Airbnb hosts to get the lighting just right, as you can plug lamps into smart plugs and control them from your phone too. A bit of up-lighting in your windows to set the right impression? No problem. Just tap your phone and you’re done.

Smart lights are also a crucial part of a smart security system, as you can use them to make your house look busy. Our Mimic Mode feature turns your lights on and off in a random pattern, which will make your home look extra lived in to anyone who may be watching for the wrong reasons.

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