Using Hive Actions to run smart home automation easily

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At Hive, there are all sorts of ways you can control things at home by tapping or talking. But have you heard of smart home automation? This is when your devices work automatically, with you doing absolutely nothing!

Hive Actions offer you clever ways of connecting your devices so they work when you need them without you lifting a finger or saying a word. This article is here to explain how they work, how to get them set up and how to edit Hive Actions. We’ll also pick out a few of our favourites.

What are Hive Actions?

Hive Actions are ways to connect smart home devices so they respond to pre-defined situations or actions. Take Hive Motion Sensor Actions as an example. This is when you link a smart light to a sensor so the moment you open a door – or walk into a room – the light comes on automatically.

But this is just one example of many. The way it works with Hive is that you can set up any combination of Hive devices then choose what they do – and when they do it.

You can use Hive Actions to automate individual devices too, like setting up a Hive Light so it turns on automatically when the sun goes down – and turns off when the sun comes up.

How do I set up Hive Actions?

Setting up Hive Actions is all done through the app. Here’s a quick run through of how you do it:

  1. In the menu, select ‘Actions’

  2. On iOS tap on the 'Discover' tab, on Android, tap on the '+' button

  3. From the category or devices section, choose your action

  4. Want to create your own? Tap ‘Build your own’ and the app will walk you through it

  5. When you’re finished tap 'Done' then 'Next'

  6. Name the action and tap 'Save'

What are Hive Quick Actions?

Quick Actions are shortcuts to the Hive Actions and features you use most. So you can turn the heating or lights off in one go – or set a lamp to turn off after 30 minutes – just by tapping a button. Here’s how to set them up:

  1. In the menu, select ‘Actions’

  2. On iOS tap on the 'Discover' tab, on Android, tap on the '+' button

  3. In the ‘Browse by Category’, select ‘Quick Actions’ and choose from some of our most popular Quick Actions. Or just create your own

  4. To personalize the Quick Action tap on 'Then' and pick from the available options

  5. When you’re finished tap 'Done' then 'Next'

  6. Name the action and tap 'Save' to finish

How to remove or edit Hive Actions

To delete a Hive Action, head to ‘Actions’ in the app then tap on the one you’d like to remove. Then tap on the trash can icon in the top right and confirm, if prompted, to remove the action.

To edit a Hive Action, tap on the action you’d like to change then you can rename it or alter the When, While or Then options. When you’re done, press ‘Save’.

What hub do I need to use Hive Actions?

With Hive Actions a lot of the smart stuff is done in the hub so you’ll need our Hive Hub to set them up. (But if you already own a Hive device you probably already have one of those!)

Our favourite Hive Actions

With Hive Actions, the possibilities really are endless. Here are some that our customers love:

All off in one go

You can group Hive Lights so they turn on or off together. For example, you could group your downstairs lights then turn them all off when you’re in bed. Or if you’re away, you can set a schedule so they all turn on together every morning, so it looks like someone’s home.

Light the way at night

Link a Hive Motion Sensor with a Hive Light so when you go the bathroom at night it turns on automatically. And if you’re heading back to the bedroom half-asleep don’t worry about turning it off. It can do that automatically too.

Warm rooms when you need them

A great way of making sure you’re only heating a room when you need to is to connect a smart radiator valve to the radiator then link it with our motion sensor. The radiator will be off when no one’s about – and turn up automatically when someone steps into the room

Settle in for some screen time

If you’re in the mood for a movie, link your lights, heating and a smart plug to set the perfect scene. So with one tap you turn all the lights off and a side lamp on. All while the room warms up a degree or two.

Smart home control starts here!

Hive’s family of smart devices work brilliantly together so you can create actions and experiences that make life easier and add a little fun to your everyday. Dive into Hive Actions today to discover more about what they can do.

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