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How do I remove a device from my account?

To remove a device from your Hive app first of all you need to make sure that it’s online.

To do this, make sure your device has power and is connected to your Hive Hub (or to your Wi-Fi in the case of cameras or a Hive Leak Sensor).

Then, from your Hive dashboard, tap on the Menu, and then select ‘Manage devices’. Next, tap on the device you wish to remove, and then simply tap ‘Delete device’.

Thermostats and receivers, once installed, are bound with each other. It is not currently possible for a thermostat or receiver to be removed through our app.

If your device is offline, and you are unable to bring it back online using the steps above, or you require to remove your thermostat or receiver from your Hive account, please contact us and we will help remove it from your Hive account.

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