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Hive Camera Review: Worth Adding to Your Smart Home?

Recombu 1st August 2017

In typical home conditions during the day the Hive Camera proves more than capable of displaying whatever is going on. The speed at which it relays an event is impressive and the footage quality is good.

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Hive Camera Review

Tech Radar 27th July 2017

The Hive Camera has arrived to bolster the Hive setup, bringing it into line with other smart home ecosystems, namely Nest. It’s the first connected smart camera from Hive.

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Bring your home to life like never before: Hive brings voice-control to your heating, lights and plugs

15th September 2016

Hive, a leader in smart home technology, has today announced a partnership with Amazon’s Alexa Voice Service, allowing people to control their heating, lighting and plugged-in devices – simply by speaking to them.

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Hive confirms compatibility with Amazon Echo for voice controlled heating and lighting

Pocketlint 14th September 2016

Amazon today confirmed that the Amazon Echo is coming to the UK, powered by its onboard smart agent Alexa. Announcing a range of partnerships, one of the more interesting for the UK is Hive, the smarthome offshoot of British Gas.

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Light up your room with Hive Bulbs

Style at Home 15th August 2016

The Hive Active Light bulbs are a new life changing innovation that you won’t believe you have ever lived without. These smart LED bulbs not only save energy and reduce the cost of your energy bills but can also be controlled whenever, wherever you like.

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Hive’s smart thermostat gets IFTTT’s action-based automation

Engadget 11th August 2016

If you own one of Hive's smart thermostats and are looking to get more from the connected appliance, today is your lucky day. The British Gas-owned company today announced that it's teamed up with IFTTT to provide action-based automation for the thermostat, allowing you to connect it to 300 other products and services.

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IFTTT is coming to native apps to join the dots between your smart home tech

Trusted Reviews 10th August 2016

The If This, Then That (IFTTT) tool, which acts as a go between allowing devices and services to talk to each other, is making a push to become an integral part of your favourite smartphone apps.

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Hive Smart Thermostat Receives IFTTT Support

Geeky Gadgets 11th August 2016

Owners of the Hive smart thermostat, will be pleased to know that British Gas has today announced a partnership with the awesome automation service IFTTT. Enabling owners of Hive to use a number of automation actions and connect to over 300 other products and services.

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Hive launches on IFTTT and opens its doors to the smart home

Wearable 12th August 2016

One of the big problems with British Gas Hive's smart theromostat has been its walled garden approach. Unlike Works with Nest, it's very much isolated in the smart home. But that problem is starting to be addressed, now that the company has announced IFTTT support for Hive.

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Centrica unit chief says smart thermostat adoption has doubled within year

International Business Times 25th August 2016

The desire for more efficient energy usage and evolving consumer behaviour has seen demand for Centrica's smart thermostats more than double in 12 months, according to Nina Bhatia, Managing Director of the FTSE 100 energy company's Connected Home unit.

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Hive Active Light: Connected bulbs make Hive a major smarthome player

Pocket-lint 13th June 2016

Hive has today announced the addition of connected lighting to the Hive home, adding a major component to its smarthome portfolio.

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Hives new smart bulb will let you control lights away from home

Design Week 16th June 2016

The Hive Active Light is the latest in a portfolio of connected home products from British Gas company Hive, and will allow users to schedule their lights via a smartphone app.

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Five of the best tech relief

Press & Journal, 21 February 2016

Tech makes our lives easier, but sometimes it comes with side-effects. That’s where these great gadgets can help...

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Hive Releases New Connected Home Products

Mobile Industry News, 8 February 2016

Last year British Gas subsidiary Hive released a range of connected home products such as its smart thermostat, giving a simple yet powerful way to control various automation aspects of your home.

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Hive Releases Window, Door Sensors And Smart Plug

TechWeek Europe, 27 January 2016

Hive is releasing two new smart home devices – the Hive Active Plug and the Hive Window or Door Sensor – in the UK.

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Hive just added 3 new products to its line of smart home devices

The Next Web, 27 January 2016

Following the release of its second smart thermostat in the summer of 2015, British Gas subsidiary Hive has just added three new products to its line of smart home device.

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Now you can control up to three heating zones with your British Gas Hive

Tech Digest, 24 November 2015

Designed by design entrepreneur Yves Behar, the Hive display looks beautiful.

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Hive Active Heating 2.0 review: Style meets connected practicality

Pocket-Lint, 28 October 2015

Hive Active Heating promises to cut your energy usage by dragging your heating system into the twenty-first century.

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5 ways to prepare your home for winter

Real Homes, 23 October 2015

Now that the dark nights are drawing in and the temperature is dropping, discover efficient heating, ways to improve security and how to create a safe, comfortable living space all winter.

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10 Coolest Things in the World this Week

GQ, 23 October 2015

It's happened. Central heating has become, for want of a better word, cool.

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50 wearable tech gamechangers for 2016, 10 December 2015

Your essential guide to what's going to be making headlines in the year ahead

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British Gas Hive 'smart home' products refreshed

BBC News, 15 July 2015

British Gas has updated its range of Hive "smart home" products, with a new thermostat as the centrepiece.

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British Gas wants you to control all of your home appliances via your smartphone

The Mirror, 15 July 2015

Hive started as a thermostat but is branching out into a range of connected products to keep your home safe and keep your energy bills low…

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Hive 2 makes the thermostat a chic decoration (hands-on)

CNET, 15 July 2015

The Hive 2 is the latest smart thermostat from British Gas that, like its predecessor, the original Hive thermostat, lets you control your home's heating and hot water using an app on your phone. It's had a tasteful makeover and now features a slick mirrored finish and interchangeable colourful shells.

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Hive Active Heating 2 shines as British Gas makes a play for the smart home

Wareable, 15 July 2015

British Gas has announced a new version of its Hive smart thermostat system as well as a host of new connected accessories.

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Hive will add connected cameras, Honeycomb platform offers third-party support

Pocket-lint, 15 July 2015

Hive from British Gas has made a sweeping run of announcements today, including Active Heating 2 with a new smart thermostat and a full family of smart home products, designed to make every home connected.

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Hive 2 begins major push by British Gas into smart home with range of connected devices

International Business Times, 15 July 2015

Hive, the British Gas smart technology company, wants to become the UK's defacto smart home company and to that end, it has launched its second generation smart thermostat and has outlined its road map of future products which will include smart lightbulbs, motion sensors and potentially even a connected camera.

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British Gas Unveils Updated Hive Thermostat, New Smart Plug, Lighting And Motion Sensor Products

Tech Crunch, 15 July 2015

Hive, the company’s connected home brand, has unveiled its ‘next generation’ smart thermostat, upgraded features for the Hive app, and — perhaps most noteworthy — a pipeline of soon-to-be-launched smart home products covering lighting, plugs, motion detection, and door and window sensors.

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Meet Hive's gorgeous new thermostat and smart home devices

Engadget, 15 July 2015

Google's Nest, Honeywell, Netatmo, Tado and others have made heating our abodes that bit simpler, but a smart thermostat does not a smart home make. British Gas' Hive launchedits take on the smart thermostat two years ago -- and now, 200,000 installs later, it's time for a sequel.

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Hive unveils sleek new smart thermostat and ‘connected home’ gadgets you might actually want

TNW News, 15 July 2015

British Gas-owned Hive has today revealed a new smart thermostat for UK homes that has oft-requested features like a multi-zoning option and a heating boost.

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Hive’s next-gen Active Heating 2 thermostat is shinier, ‘appier

Recombu, 15 July 2015

It’s been over a year since Hive first landed in UK homes and now British Gas has announced an update; the Hive Active Heating 2 thermostat.

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British Gas Connected Homes reveals smart household gadgets for its Honeycomb IoT platform

Techworld, 15 July 2015

Hive, part of British Gas Connected Homes, is planning on opening a gateway to its new IoT platform called Honeycomb, enabling developers and third party device makers to integrate with its smart energy appliances, its CTO told Techworld.

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British Gas creates Hive brand house internet enabled tech products

Marketing Magazine, 26 September 2013

British Gas has created a brand called Hive to house all its internet-enabled technology products and will launch the first Hive-branded product next month...

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British Gas launches remote-controlled central heating

Digital Spy, 26 September 2013

British Gas has launched a smart central heating system with remote-control functionality...

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Hive Active Heating Control platform allows remote thermostat control

Slash Gear, 26 September 2013

The Hive Active Heating system allows users to control heat for the home remotely, and they can also control hot water production...

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British Gas launches Hive Active Heating

Mobile Marketing Magazine, 26 September 2013

British Gas has launched a remote-controlled heating and hot water hub as the first product under its new Hive brand, which is focused on smart homes...

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British Gas Seeks New Connected Home Buzz With 'Hive

We Got Served, 25 September 2013

Hive Active Heating and has been extended with the ability to control your hot water alongside your central heating....

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