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How do I ensure my pipes don't freeze in cold weather when I am away?

The Hive Active Heating™ Frost Protection feature activates automatically when the temperature drops below 7°C to help stop frozen pipes.

You can activate 'Frost Protection' by turning your heating to 'Off' on the Hive app, or the thermostat. Alternatively if you use your Hive Active Heating™ 1 thermostat in ‘Manual’ just turn the target temperature right down until you get to 'Off'. On a Hive Active Heating™ 2 thermostat turn the dial down until you get to the frost protection symbol (snowflake image).

If you're thinking about being away for a few days, why don't you try to set Holiday mode? Just to go the thermostat settings to find Holiday mode, and set the desired time, date and temperature for while you're away. You're heating will go back to the normal schedule as soon as Holiday mode ends.

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