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How do I set-up, view or edit my heating schedule using my Hive Active Heating 2 thermostat?

If you have one of the newer versions of the Hive thermostat as shown, follow the below steps.

If you have the older version of the Hive thermostat follow the steps here.

Screen Shot 2021-07-23 at 14.13.10.pngPicture1.png

To set up your heating schedule:

Step 1
Wake up your thermostat by pushing the dial and then press the Menu button

Step 2
Turn the dial to select Heat and push the dial to confirm

Step 3
Select Schedule and push the dial

Step 4
To set up a new heating schedule scroll to Start Over and push the dialStep 5 Follow the on screen instructions to create your new schedule

To view or edit your heating schedule:

Step 1
Push the dial to wake up the thermostat

Step 2
Once the screen turns on press the Menu button

Step 3
Turn the dial to select Heat, then push the dial

Step 4
Choose Schedule then select View/Edit Current

Step 5
Turn the dial left or right to browse and select a day

Step 6
You’ll now see the schedule for the day you selected

Step 7 
To edit the schedule for that day just push the dial

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