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How do I view or change my hot water schedule on my Hive Active Heating 1 thermostat?

To access your schedule you’ll need to activate the main display by pressing either the < or > button.

Then to adjust your hot water schedule, simply press < for two seconds and the display will change to show EDIT AUTO. Now you can update it.

1. Press > to select AUTO and decide whether to schedule each day individually (“7 day” mode) or for the weekdays and weekends (“5 day / 2 day” mode) using + and - buttons.

2. Press > to select DAY and pick a day to edit (e.g. “Mon” or “Mon-Fri”) using the + and - buttons.

3. Each time your schedule changes this is known as an ‘event’. Press > to select EVENT and choose the event to edit for this day (e.g. event 1) using the + and - buttons.

4. Press > to select TIME and set the time at which you want your hot water to come on (e.g. 07:00) using the + and - buttons.

5. Press > to select WATER and set hot water to ON or OFF using the + and - buttons.

6. Press > to repeat for the next event. Repeat steps 1-4 and then ensure WATER OFF is displayed to make sure your hot water isn’t left on for longer than you need.

7. Once you’ve set the hot water for all the required days, EXIT will be displayed. Press > to save your schedule.

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