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What do I do if my Hive Radiator Valve (TRV) is offline?

If your TRV is offline, please follow the in app TRV troubleshooting. This will guide you through what to check in the event of the device dropping offline and help you get it back online. It can be accessed by tapping on the offline device from your Hive App Dashboard.
The in-app troubleshooting sent me here
If you've come from the in-app troubleshooting and your device is still offline, a power cycle (turning it off and on) of the device may be helpful. 
Please be sure to wait 15 minutes after making any of the changes suggested by the in-app troubleshooting before doing this. If the device is still showing as offline, then follow the steps below:

1.    Rotate the whole valve anti-clockwise until the screen faces away from you and the tab is visible, then depress the tab. 
2.    While keeping the tab depressed, slide the casing off. 
3.    Rotate the valve anti-clockwise to access the batteries. Remove one battery, wait a few seconds, then place it back in.  
4.    Rotate the valve anti-clockwise until you can see the screen again. When you tap the button, the screen will light up and show your chosen temperature
5.    Slide the cover back on, taking care to line the window up with the screen. 
If, after another 15 minutes, your device hasn't reconnected with your Hub and come back online, please click here to chat with one of our team. 


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