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Can I Still Control My Heating if my Devices Have Lost Connection with the Hub?

If your heating devices are offline and cannot be used via the app, it will still be possible to use the devices themselves to control your boiler. 
Our in-app troubleshooting journey should be able to bring your devices back online and back to full functionality. However, if you have tried this and are currently awaiting further support, the steps below will show you how you can still control your heating in the meantime. 
You should first check to see if your thermostat is still able to control your temperature. This can be done by "waking" the thermostat by pressing any button on the screen so that it illuminates. If you are able to control your target temperature as normal from here, then you will be able to use this in the meantime until you can re-pair your heating devices with the Hive Hub and regain app control. 
Even if your thermostat is unable to control your room temperature directly, the manual override button on your Hive Receiver will be able to provide on/ off control. 
Locate your Hive Receiver. It is usually found near the boiler or sometimes near a hot water tank. It looks like this: 
If you have a combi boiler, your receiver will have one button and a corresponding light in the bottom right. If you have a system or conventional boiler with hot water control, then your receiver will have two buttons in the bottom right - one for heating and one for hot water. 
These buttons, when pressed, will turn your heating (or hot water) on or off as needed. If the light directly above (or around) the button is off, it indicates that the control is off. Pressing it once will bring it on, and vice versa. 

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