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Why is my boiler turning off before my home has reached target temperature?

We’ve enabled a new feature on our thermostats to prevent temperature overshoots and get your home to the temperature you want and helping you save a bit of energy.

Previously, our thermostat was keeping your boiler on until your home reached the right temperature. But because your radiators stay warm even after the boiler has switched off, this meant your home temperature might sometimes go over your desired temperature, making it too warm and using more energy.

With this new feature, TPI, our thermostat works out how quickly your home heats up and is able to shut your boiler off just before your room has reached target temperature. It then lets the residual heat of your radiators bring your room up to the right temperature, so you don’t use energy unnecessarily.

This feature also prevents your boiler from cycling too quickly by ensuring a 5-minute gap between 2 ‘on’ periods to protect it.

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