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How do I change the batteries in my Hive Radiator Valve?

The app will notify you when your Hive Radiator Valve’s batteries need to be replaced. You can also check this by tapping the button below the screen – if the screen remains blank or shows a battery symbol in the corner then the batteries need to be replaced with two new alkaline AA batteries. 

Note: We recommend using alkaline AA batteries. Please avoid using Lithium or rechargeable batteries as these can cause damage to the product

You can easily replace the batteries without removing the Hive Radiator Valve from the radiator: 


  1. Rotate the whole valve anti-clockwise until the screen faces away from you and the tab is visible, then depress the tab. 

  1. While keeping the tab depressed, slide the casing off. 

  1. Rotate the valve anti-clockwise to access the batteries and replace them with two new AA batteries. 

  1. Rotate the valve anti-clockwise until you can see the screen again. When you tap the button, the screen will light up and show your chosen temperature

  1. Slide the cover back on, taking care to line the window up with the screen. 

If you don’t replace your Hive Radiator Valve’s batteries, when they get critically low the valve will set itself partly open to ensure that the room gets some warmth whenever the heating is on. 


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