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What do I do if my Hive Radiator Valve is offline?

If your Hive Radiator Valve is showing as offline in your Hive app, it means it has lost connection to your Hive Hub.  Try the following steps to get it back online:

1. Tap the button below the screen on your Hive Radiator Valve to wake it up (see the image below). If the screen stays blank, then replace the batteries with new ones by following the instructions in the User Guide.
Note: Please ensure you use good brand, non-rechargeable, alkaline batteries. Other batteries are not fit for purpose.

2. Press refresh in the app. If your Radiator Valve (TRV) is still showing as offline, then try removing the batteries from your Radiator Valve and putting them straight back in again. This will turn the Radiator Valve off and on, which should help establish a connection to the hub.

3. Check your Hive Hub is correctly placed by following the guide here. Restart the hub by removing the power cable and then re-inserting it. Give the hub 5-10 minutes to reboot and then go to the dashboard in the app and refresh the page.

4. If you have any Hive Lights or Hive Plugs, make sure that they are switched on at the wall, then refresh the app.

5. If your Radiator Valve is still showing offline in the app, temporarily take it off the radiator following the steps in the User Guide and take it close to your hub. Then take out one battery from your Radiator Valve and put it in again. Your Radiator Valve will restart. Wait 5 minutes and then refresh the app. If your Radiator Valve is now online it may be that its radiator is too far away from your Hive Hub to work correctly. You might need to move your hub or add a Hive Signal Booster to help your Hive devices stay online reliably.

6. Re-attach your radiator valve to its radiator if you removed it in the previous step, following the instructions in the User Guide. Refresh the app.

If your Hive Radiator Valve is still showing as offline in the Hive app, it should be manually reset and paired.

Hive Hint: Please be aware that this will reset any heating schedule that you currently have set up and will delete any associated actions.

1. Factory reset your Hive Radiator Valve as described here.

2. In the Hive app, select 'Radiator Valve’ from the Install menu.

3. Click through the install screens until the app starts to search for your Radiator Valve.

4. The app should now find your radiator valve and you will be able to rename it and complete setup in the app.

If you're still not up and running, please contact us.

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