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Can I replace just one or two radiator valves at a time?

Yes by all means. Putting a Hive Radiator Valve on every radiator will give you full room-by-room control, but you can start by putting Hive Radiator Valves in a few key rooms.

You can control the temperature of each Hive Radiator Valve in the Hive app, setting a schedule for each one to only heat those rooms when you want them warm. The other unconnected rooms would warm up whenever your main thermostat switches the boiler on, unless you turn those radiators down manually.

Remember that if you have a Hive thermostat and use Heat On Demand to warm up a room with a Hive Radiator Valve in it, you may also warm up any other rooms that don’t have a Hive Radiator Valve.  Read more about Heat On Demand here.

Hive Hint: We recommend turning down any existing thermostatic valves in rooms you don’t use that often, so that you don’t use energy heating an empty room.

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