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How do I factory reset my Hive Radiator Valve?

In some cases you may wish to return a Hive Radiator Valve to factory settings.

Note: Factory resetting a Hive Radiator Valve will remove it from the Hive app and delete all of the associated settings. You will need to re-install the Hive Radiator Valve in order to control it.

If your Radiator Valve (TRV) is online in the Hive app you can factory reset it by selecting “Remove” from its Settings menu.

You can also reset a Hive Radiator Valve directly as follows:

1. Take the batteries out (Please see the User Guide for more info)

2. Hold down the button below the screen (see the image below)

3. Put the batteries back in while still holding the button down

4. Continue to hold the button down for 5 seconds

5. The display will flash and then show all segments lit - you can release the button at this point

6. The Hive Radiator Valve will reset all settings to factory defaults and then restart in installation mode

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