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Hive Radiator Valves Open Window Detection

To help you to save energy and lower your bills, our clever Hive Radiator Valves come with Open Window Detection as standard. That means that if your Hive Radiator Valve notices a sudden drop in temperature, it’ll automatically switch off the radiator – and stops all that lovely heat you’re paying for from escaping out of the window.

You can enable Open Window Detection in the Hive app on the Settings page for your Hive Radiator Valve or group.
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Just toggle it on and your Hive Radiator Valve will check the room’s ambient temperature. If it detects the temperature dropping for more than five minutes, which could mean that an open window or door is letting cold air in, it’ll stop heating the room.

When this happens, the Hive Radiator Valve screen in your Hive app will display an icon and ‘Open window detected; heating paused’ message.
The radiator will come back on again after half an hour, or once the window or door is closed - whichever is sooner.

When an Open Window is detected and pauses the heating, another Open Window won’t trigger for at least 30 minutes. This is known as the quarantine period.

False Triggers
You may get a false trigger if your Hive Radiator Valve is behind a curtain, or a large bulky piece of furniture like a sofa. The temperature in that confined space will suddenly drop when the heating goes off, mimicking what happens when there’s a draught – so your Hive Radiator Valve might think a window is open.

If you get false triggers like this, we recommend fitting one of our Hive Door/Window contact sensors to accurately detect when a window or door is open. Then create a Hive action to trigger the Hive Radiator Valve in that room to either switch off, or set a low temperature boost at 7° to stop that room from heating.


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