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What are Hive widgets and how do I use them on my device?

Widgets let you view or use certain features of an app from the lock screen or home screen of your phone or tablet. This can make those features a lot quicker to use because you don’t even need to open the app.

The Hive app has the following widgets:

• Quick Action widget (available on both iOS & Android devices v10.5+)

Our Quick Action widget automatically shows all of the Quick Actions you’ve created. Quick Actions that you create are able to control most Hive devices, such as heating, lights, plugs, and cameras. This means that whether you just need to adjust the heating, or switch everything off as you’re heading out, you can do so really quickly from the Quick Action widget.

If you don’t have any Quick Actions yet you can learn more about them here.

• Heating information widget (currently only available on Android)

Our heating information widget lets you check in on the temperature and thermostat settings at home without opening the app. This widget is currently only available on Android devices.

How to add a widget on iOS:

1. Go to your home screen and swipe to the furthest left screen (this is your widgets view).
2. Scroll to the bottom and tap the edit button.
3. On this edit screen you can add the Hive widget and drag the widget to reorder them if you like. Tap Done.
4. That’s it! Your Hive widget is set up. You can also reach this widget view to the left of your lockscreen.

How to add a widget on Android:

1. Press and hold on your home screen
2. Tap on ‘Widgets’ or ‘Apps and Widgets’
3. Scroll through the list of available widgets until you see Hive’s widgets and choose the widget you want.
4. Before you confirm the location you can resize the widget so it takes up just the right amount of space on your screen.
5. That’s it! Your Hive Widget is set up.

Hive Hint: You’ll need to be logged in to the app for widgets to work.

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