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What are Quick Actions?

Quick Actions let you create shortcuts to your favourite Hive Radiator Valve features so you can control things quickly and easily from your app dashboard. 

To set them up, simply log in to your Hive app then:

-    Tap the Menu icon in the top left corner and scroll down to 'Actions'
-    Tap the '+' button if you already have Actions set up and then skip to step 4
-    If there's no '+' button, you're on the 'Discover' screen – this is where you make the magic happen
-    Under 'Browse by device', scroll across and tap the 'Quick Action' button
-    Choose the ‘Quick Action’ you’d like to use or build your own

To build your own, do what you'd do for a normal Action. The only difference here is that you can’t change the Action trigger under ‘When’ because all Quick Actions are triggered in the same way – by tapping a button on your Hive dashboard.

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