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What does the Hive app for Apple watch do and how do I install it?

Hive's Apple Watch app supports all Apple Watches. Just make sure you have watchOS 4 or higher installed.

How do I install it?

Apple Watch apps come bundled with their iPhone apps, and by default the watch app installs automatically when the iPhone app is installed. If you've switched off the 'auto install' setting for watch apps, then you can manually install it via the 'Watch' app on your iPhone.

What can I do with Hive's Apple Watch app?

With Hive's Apple Watch app you can:

• Activate your Quick Actions
• View current temperature and change heating settings (target temperature, boost, and current mode)

• View and control your lights (on/off, brightness, tone, and colour*).
*Dependant on the bulb type.

• View and control your plugs (on/off)
• Boost hot water.
Hive Hints

• You don't need your phone nearby for the watch app to work if you have a cellular watch, or if your watch is near a wifi network that you've connected to before.
• You can hide a device from the watch app by hiding it on the honeycomb dashboard on the phone app.
• With the watch app you can set the brightness and tone/colour of a Hive light before you switch it on.
• Swipe up or down on a light or heating control screen to quickly switch between devices.

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