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What to do if your Hive Sensors are offline

If any of your sensors are offline they will appear as ‘Offline’ in the Hive app.


To get your sensors back online, just follow these simple steps:

Step 1
Remove the battery for 10 seconds and then put it back in. Follow the guide on how to take out the battery from your Motion Sensors here or for Window & Door Sensors here.

Step 2 
Wait for 5 minutes and then refresh your Hive app. You should now see the sensor is ‘Connected’.

Step 3
No luck? If your sensor is still offline then please try again from Step 1, but when you replace the battery make sure you are standing close to your Hive Hub.

If your sensor is now online it may be that your sensor is placed too far away from your Hive Hub to work correctly.

Step 4
Sensor still offline? Try changing the battery, as it may have run out

If your sensors are still struggling, please contact us

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