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How do I set up Activity Zones?

To create an Activity Zone, navigate to Detection settings within your Hive View settings menu.

By default Activity Zones will be turned off so tap the Activity Zone option to turn them on. The ‘Create Zone’ option will now appear, tapping this will take you to a live view from your Hive View camera, where you can create your zones.

Simply drag across the grid to create a square, which will be your Activity Zone. The smallest size for an Activity Zone is 1 square and the largest size is all of the squares (or the entire field of view). You can have up to 4 different Activity Zones, which will always be square in shape but they can overlap. This means they should be flexible enough to cover most use cases.

If you’re not happy with an Activity Zone you can resize it once created by dragging from it’s edges. You can also delete an Activity Zone by highlighting the zone you want to delete and then tapping the bin icon.

Once you’re happy with the zones you’ve set up just hit save on the top right of the screen and you’re good to go! Tapping ‘Cancel’ will discard any changes you have made and will take you back to the Detection settings screen.

Hive Hint: Sensitivity options for movement detection (low, medium, high) will still apply to all of the created zones.

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