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The video recording for my Hive View or Hive View Outdoor is repeatedly interrupted or takes a long time to start up, what should I do?

If your Hive View or Hive View Outdoor recording is repeatedly interrupted or takes a long time to start up, try the steps below:

1. To view a seamless video on the mobile device, the speed of the wireless network is recommended to be at least 1.5Mbs. Moving from 1080p to 720p HD livestream view can also help,

2. When the Wi-Fi signal received by the camera is weak, the video may not be received seamlessly. Move your camera closer to your Wi-Fi router and check the Wi-Fi signal strength of the router in camera settings.

3. If the distance between your camera and Wi-Fi router is too far, you could also try installing a Wi-Fi Extender in a spot where the signal is weak. This will only help if the extender is on the same floor as your router.

4. The internet connection that your phone has needs to be fast enough. Check your mobile provider data package in case you have any restrictions in place.

5. Sometimes having multiple cameras on the same broadband network may slow down the connection causing recordings to be slower than usual to view.

If you are seeing ‘Oops something went wrong’ and can’t restart live stream, try going to the dashboard, refreshing and then returning to your camera and selecting ‘Go Live’.

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