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How do I view my Hive View or Hive View Outdoor HD live stream?

To use your live stream follow the below steps:
1. Head to your Hive app and log-in if needed using your username and password
2. Select the camera you wish to view from the dashboard
3. Select "Go Live" in the viewing pane

Hive Hint: you can tilt your device to watch the live stream in landscape mode as well as portrait mode. You can also zoom in on the live stream to get a closer view, simply pinch or double tap the screen when live streaming.

You can stop the live stream by selecting “Pause” from the control screen in your Hive app(available by tapping the viewing pane when a livestream is playing).

If there's a problem with your livestream you'll see an error message on the app screen. Select the "Refresh" icon to try again. If you keep seeing ‘Oops something went wrong’ and can’t restart livestream, try going to the app dashboard, refreshing and then returning to your camera and selecting ‘Go Live’.

If camera monitoring is switched off you'll see a 'monitoring off' message in the viewing pane. You can't livestream until it's switched back on. You can do this using the shield icon under the viewing pane in the app.

When the camera is switched off at the unit or has no connection an offline message appears in the viewing pane in the Hive app. You won't be able to livestream without internet connection.

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