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My Hive View is showing as offline in the Hive app, what should I do?

The camera can go offline for multiple reasons. To get your camera back online try the following.

1. Check the camera is powered on. Hive View can be physically powered on and off using the power button on the underside of the camera. Hive View Outdoor can be physically powered on and off using the power socket. When powered off the camera will appear as offline in the app and will stop functioning. The camera will need to be turned back on before it will appear as online and can be accessed remotely again.  

- For Hive View:
• To power the camera off, take the camera cube off the stand and press the power button on the underside of the camera cube to turn off.
• To power the camera on, press the power button for 1-2 seconds or reattach the camera cube to the stand when the stand has mains power 

- For Hive View Outdoor:
• Turn the power off and on again at the power socket

2. For Hive View only: check if the battery has run out. The battery is rechargeable and you need to simply reattach the camera to the arm and ensure the base of the stand is attached to mains power and the mains power is switched on to begin recharging.

3. Check if the camera has overheated. Make sure your camera is away from direct sunlight or any heat sources such as radiators or electric heaters.

4. Check that your broadband connection is working.

Live stream is only available when online. Video playback and settings are available even when offline.

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